Nisse Stringing perspex and oak modular wall unit for String Furniture, 1950s(Sold)


This beautiful wall unit designed by Nils (Nisse) Strinning for String Furniture is made out of perspex carriers and veneered oak furniture parts. This wall unit consists of 12 perspex carriers, 9 shelves, 2 chest of drawers and 2 wall cupboards with stliding doors. Its a rare unit to find, especially a real mid-century one.  This unit is in a good condition but it may show slight traces of use. The total dimensions are W 240 cm - H 143 cm - D 35 cm  

SKU: O03N18I0007
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Swedish architect-designer Nils "Nisse" Strinning (1917-2006) is best known for his minimalist and cost-effective String Bookshelf System and his versatile designs in plastic.

Weight50 kg

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